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JIPMER MBBS Physics, Chemistry, Biology Question Papers 2015 - All students can find here Physics, Chemistry, Biology Question Papers for MBBS Entrance Examination to be held on 1st June 2015.

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1) A foot has x, y & z , tarsal, metatarsal & pharyngeal bones respectively. x, y & z represent :
    a) 7,5 & 14
    b) 6, 5 & 12
    c) 7, 5 & 12
    d) 7, 4 & 14

2) Optic nerve is associated with :
    a) Telencephalon
    b) Diencephalon
    c) Mesencephalon
    d) Melencephalon

3) Vein draining into cavernous sinus is :
    a) Basal vein
    b) Deep Middle Cerebral
    c) Great Cerebral Vein
    d) Superficial Middle Cerebral Vein

4) Myoclonus (Involuntary movement) is associated with :
    a) Caudate
    b) Putamen
    c) Subthalamus
    d) Reticular formation

5) Subdural & Epidural Hematomas are x & y respectively. x & y represent :
    a) Arterial & Venous
    b) Venous & arterial
    c) Both arterial
    d) Both venous

6) Triangular projection of Ethmoid bone that acts as the anterior attachment of the falx cerebri :
    a) Crista galli
    b) Psoterior edge of lesser wing of sphenoid
    c) Jugam of sphenoid
    d) Cribiform plate

7) Hydroxyethyl starch is a :
    a) Vasodilator
    b) Inotrope
    c) Plasma expander
    d) Diuretic

8) Anenploidy is due to :
    a) Non disjunction at meiosis
    b) Mosaicism
    c) Deletion
    d) Translocation

9) Apoptosis is prevented by :
    a) bcl - 2
    b) P53
    c) Cmyc
    d) ras

10) Source of RBC casts in urine :
    a) Bladder
    b) Pelvis
    c) Ureter
    d) Kidney

11) In low doses Aspirin acts on :
    a) TXA2
    b) PGI2
    c) Lipo oxygenase
    d) Cyclo oxygenase

12) Following are +ve feedback mechanism dependent except :
    a) LH surge
    b) Histamine, gastrin stimulating HCL production
    c) Ca2+ in coagulation
    d) Autocatalytic - Coagulator

13) Dietary fibre has :
    a) Collagen
    b) Fectin
    c) Keratin
    d) Elastin

14) Glucose is synthesised from all except :
    a) Glycerol
    b) Palmitate
    c) Pyruvate
    d) Amino acids

15) Normal stool fat is :
    a) < 6gm / day
    b) < 7gm / day
    c) < 8gm / day
    d) < 9gm / day

16) Clothing factor not found in liver is :
    a) II
    b) VII
    c) VIII
    d) X

17) Glycophorin is seen in :
    a) Erythrocytes
    b) Enterocytes
    c) Hepatocytes
    d) Lymphocytes

18) Repeated stimulation of pain receptors causes increase in pain because of :
    a) Decrease receptive field of summation
    b) Increased threshold frequency
    c) Decreased reflex time
    d) Wind up which is an increment in EPSP

19) Transection of pyramids atlower end of medulla causes all features except :
    a) Spasticity
    b) Brisk tendon reflexes
    c) Incoordination
    d) Involuntary movement

20) pH = 7.2 ; PO2 = 65 ; PCO2 = 50 ; HCO3- = 20 ; B.E = 8, cause is :
    a) Metabolic acidosis
    b) Respiratory acidosis
    c) Respiratory with metabolic acidosis
    d) Respiratory alkalosis with compensated met. acidosis

21) Neuronophagia is seen in :
    a) Amebic meningitis
    b) Poliomyelitis
    c) T.B. meningoencephilitis
    d) Cerebral Malaria

22) "Worst headache of my life " is associated with :
    a) Trigeminal neuralgia
    b) Brain tumour
    c) Berry aneurysm
    d) Migraine

23) True regarding Golbi is :
    a) Made up of macrophages filled with bacteria
    b) Degenerated Neural tissue
    c) Consists of neutrophils
    d) Lipid laden macrophages

24) Thymectomy in neonate leads to :
    .a) Decreased paracortical areas
    b) Decreased germinal center
    c) Increased production of lymphocytes
    d) Decreased antibody production

25) Mefipristone is :
    a) Competitive inhibitor of progestin
    b) Non competitive inhibitor of progestin
    c) Abortifacient
    d) Toxicity - heavy bleeding

26) Of the statins - less likely to cause myopathy :
    a) Lova statin
    b) Siunvastatin
    c) Parva statin
    d) Parva & Fluva statin

27) Energy required for one peptide bond formation :
    a) 3
    b) 4
    c) 5
    d) 6

28) Following match are true except :
    a) Intrinsic factor & parietal cells
    b) Gastric acid & parietal cells
    c) Pepsin & parietal cells
    d) Gastric & G cells of antrum & duodenum

29) A patient with fever of 103 degrees F, bradycardia & leucopenia probably has :
    a) Brucellosis
    b) Typhoid
    c) Malaria
    d) Meliodosis

30) The most probable organism causing food poisoning in a child who has eaten ice cream 16 - 18 hrs earlier is :
    a) Salmonella typhimurium
    b) Cl. Botulinum
    c) Cl. Perfringes
    d) Staph. Aureus

31) True about mycobacterium tuberculosis is :
    a) Strict aerobe
    b) gram -ve
    c) Thin wall
    d) Curved rod & cocci

32) All of the following viruses are non cultivable except :
    a) Parvovirus
    b) Rubella
    c) Rotavirus
    d) Norwalk virus

33) True about sterilization is :
    a) Spores are destroyed by drying
    b) Soiled dressing is sterilized by hot air oven
    c) Surgical instruments are sterilized by boiling
    d) Vaccines sterilized by seitz filters

34) True about trichuris trichura is all except :
    a) Lines in jejunum & duodenum
    b) Causes appendicitis
    c) Eggs are bile stained
    d) Eggs float in sat. salt solution

35) CRP is :
    a) An antibody
    b) Derived from pneumococcus
    c) Increased in penumococcus infection
    d) Detected by precipitation reaction with carbohydrate antigen

36) Malignant transformation in Gastric ulcers is about :
    a) 2 - 3%
    b) 4 - 5%
    c) Not related at all
    d) 5 - 6%

37) Angiodysplasia is most common in :
    a) Ascending colon
    b) Transverse colon
    c) Descending colon
    d) Rectum

38) Most common site of bleeding from angiodysplasia :
    a) Ascending colon
    b) Transverse colon
    c) Descending colon
    d) Rectum

39) True about Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome is all except :
    a) Platelet < 30,000 / ml & small
    b) ¯ IgM, ¯ isohemaglutinins, normal IgG & low CD8+ count (in 61%)
    c) IgE & IgA - normal or elevated
    d) Corticosteroids & Immunosuppressant drugs for treatment in WAS

40) Wilms syndrome is associated with all except :
    a) Paternal occupation
    b) Aniridia
    c) Cryptorchidism is not seen
    d) Drasti's syndrome

41) A 12 yrs old girl is diagnosed with a cerebellar tumour , which is composed of small cells with hyperchromatic nuclei & scant cytoplasm. This tumour most likely represents :
    a) Ependymoma
    b) Medulloblastoma
    c) Meningioma
    d) Oligodendrogliona

42) All of the following are true characteristics of fast twitch muscles except :
    a) Powerful contraction
    b) Abundant Mitochondria
    c) Rapid lactate accumulation
    d) Abundant white fibers

43) Which of the following is structurally & functionally similar to Calmodium :
    a) Actin
    b) Myosin
    c) Tropomyosin
    d) Troponin C

44) Following is True for suppressor T cells except :
    a) - ve feedback of TH cells
    b) Play a role in tolerance
    c) Memory cells
    d) Prevent activation of complement cascade

45) Islet cell lesions in type I D.M are following except :
    a) Inflammation
    b) Loss of beta cells
    c) Amyloidosis (70%)
    d) Fibrosis

46) Features favouring Crohn's disease are :
    a) Rectum involvement
    b) Cobblestone appearance
    c) Thin intestinal wall
    d) Crypt abscess

47) All are 2's of Meckel's diverticulum except :
    a) 2% poplin
    b) 5cm long
    c) 2 feet from colon
    d) Always in < 2yrs old when symptomatic

48) What is the useful function of nitrogen in the body :
    a) Prevents atelectasis
    b) Decreases rate of combustion
    c) Delays alveolar collapse
    d) All of the above

49) Ventilation perfusion ratio is max in :
    a) Apex
    b) Base
    c) Middle zone
    d) Same all over

50) Macula densa is :
    a) A specialized region of afferent arteriole
    b) A specialized region of distal tubule
    c) Area bounded by afferent arteriole , macula densa & glomerulus
    d) Is the principle source of renin

51) False about Albumin :
    a) + 3.6nm radius
    b) 70,000MW
    c) Glycoprotein
    d) Protein which can get glycosylated in DoM

52) All are defects of collagen except :
    a) Alports Syndrome
    b) Ehlors Danlos Syndrome
    c) Marfan's syndrome
    d) Osteogenesis imperfect

53) All are autosomal dominant except :
    a) Marfan's Syndrome
    b) Ehlors Danlos Syndrome
    c) Retinoblastoma
    d) Tay Sach's

54) True regarding Scurvy is :
    a) Skeletal changes can never develop in infants
    b) Retrobulbar, subarachnoid & intracerebral hemorrhages can occur
    c) Collagen synthesis in normal
    d) Anemia is uncommon

55) Mausoni & S. japonicum infections have :
    a) Pseudopolyps may form in colon
    b) Surface of the liver is bumpy
    c) Pipe stem fibrosis
    d) All of the above

56) Ewing's sarcoma resembles :
    a) Lymphoma
    b) Rhabdomyosarcoma
    c) Oat cell carcinoma
    d) All

57) Ewing sarcoma true is :
    a) Cells are rich in fat
    b) t (8 ; 14)
    c) Arises in diaphysis flat bones
    d) t (11 ; 22)

58) Antikshaw cells
    a) Pathognomonic of R.F.
    b) Abundant amphophilic cytoplasm
    c) Caterpiller cells are not the same
    d) Seen in Aschoff bodies

59) Vegetations on both the sides of valves is seen in :
    a) RHD
    b) NBTE
    c) LSE
    d) IE

60) Following is true about Fibrous Dysplasia except :
    a) May involve single bone
    b) May involve multiple bone
    c) May involve all the bones
    d) Polyostotic disease with precocious puberty

61) A lesion in femur shows sheets of compact polyhedral chondroblasts that have well degined cytoplasmic borders. Tumour cells are surrounded by hyaline matrix in a lace like fashion. Chicken wire pattern of calcified matrix & osteoclast like gaint cells are also seen :
    a) Chondroblastoma
    b) Chondroma
    c) Chondrosarcoma
    d) Osteoma

62) Germicitabine is a :
    a) Purine analog
    b) Pyramidine analog
    c) Methyl Hydrazine derivative
    d) Alkylating agent

63) Succimer is :
    a) Antineoplastic
    b) Antiseptic
    c) Chelator
    d) Organic solvent

64) Penicillamine is used in all except :
    a) Cu, Hg & pb poisoning
    b) Cystinuria
    c) RoA
    d) Alcoholic cirrhosis

65) Drug of choice for cl. Difficle infection :
    a) Metronidazole oral
    b) Metronidazole i.v.
    c) Vancomycin oral
    d) Vancomycin i.v.

66) Drug of choice for Camphylobacter jejuni :
    a) Ciprofloxacin b) Erythromycin
    c) Clindamycin
    d) Chloramphenicol

67) Which is the best time for administration of antibiotics in high risk L.S.C.S :
    a) During preanaesthetic medication
    b) At the time of delivery of ant. shoulder
    c) Post cord clamp
    d) Post operative

68) Which is not a clean contaminated surgery :
    a) Hysterectomy
    b) Appendicectomy
    c) Head & neck surgery
    d) Orthopaedic surgery

69) Most radioresistant phase of cell cycle :
    a) M
    b) S
    c) G1
    d) G2

70) Non subtype selective beta antagonist which is an antioxidant antagonist too :
    a) Acebutalol
    b) Pindolol
    c) Carvidelol
    d) Cardilol

71) Following is true about non competitive antagonism except :
    a) Causes a shift of Dose response curve to right with depression of max effect
    b) Irreversibility binds to the same site as agonist
    c) Pseudoirreversibility binding also causes non competitive antagonism
    d) EC50 for the agonist increases linearly with the conc. Of antagonist

72) Allosteric effect :
    a) Binds to a different site
    b) Can be inhibitory
    c) Can be stimulatory
    d) Is not saturable

73) Following are side effects of ACE inhibitors except :
    a) Fetopathic effect
    b) Neutropenia
    c) Glycosuria
    d) Hypokalemia

74) ACE inhibitors cause teratogenicity when taken in :
    a) 8th week
    b) 1st trimester
    c) 2nd trimester only
    d) 2nd & 3rd trimester

75) Differentiation between T cells & B cells is by all of the following except :
    a) T cells from SRBC or E rosette
    b) B cells form EAC rossette
    c) B cells have CD3 receptors
    d) B cells have surface immunoglobulins

76) All are used in Ag - Ab complex except :
    a) Van der Waal's forces
    b) Ionic bonds
    c) Covalent bonds
    d) H bonding

77) HIV gene coding for core :
    a) Gag
    b) pol
    c) Env
    d) vpu

78) Which of the following complement components is chemoattractant :
    a) C3a
    b) C4a
    c) C5a
    d) C3b

79) A biopsy should be sent to pathology in which of the following modes :
    a) Fixed in formalin
    b) Fixed in Alcohol
    c) Fresh in saline
    d) Frozen

80) Following are differences between s.k & t - PA except :
    a) Selective for fibrin clot
    b) Produces plasminemia
    c) Reduces mortality
    d) Causes allergic reaction

81) Which of the following doesn't have consistent influence on the Transition temperature of Membranes Tm :
    a) Cholesterol
    b) Saturated fatty acids
    c) Unsaturated fatty acids
    d) Integral membrane proteins

82) Maximum permeability through Lipid bilayer is for :
    a) Na+
    b) Glucose
    c) Urea
    d) Indole

83) Shepherd crook deformity is seen in :
    a) Osteopetrosis
    b) Fibrous dysplasia
    c) Rheumatoid arthritis
    d) Osteoarthritis

84) Dead bone in osteomyelitis is :
    a) Periosteal reaction
    b) Cloaca
    c) Involucrum
    d) Sequestrum

85) Tom smith arthritis is :
    a) Arthritis of knee in Infants
    b) Athritis of Hip in infants
    c) Arthritis in Tuberculosis
    d) Form of Rheumatoid arthritis

86) All are seen in congenital syphilis except :
    a) Periostitis
    b) Metaphysitis
    c) Dactylitis
    d) Epiphysitis

87) Charcot joints include :
    a) Destruction of bone
    b) Dense bone
    c) Deformity
    d) Debris

88) Sausage digit is seen in :
    a) Tuberculosis
    b) Psoriasis
    c) Rheumatoid arthritis
    d) Reiter disease

89) The least common association of kussumal's sign among the following is :
    a) Severe right sided heart failure
    b) Right ventricular M.I.
    c) Tricuspic stenosis
    d) Cardiac tamponade

90) A 55yrs old male, chronic smoker, known diabetic for 5 years has presented in casualty with history of chest pain for past 90 minutes radiating to lower jaw with diaphoresis & uneasiness. ECG reveals ST depression in leads V2-5 with T wave inversion. His CPk - MB levels are 7 times the normal. All of the following are indicated except :
    a) Nitroglycerin infusion
    b) Oxygen therapy
    c) Streptokinase
    d) Metoprolol

91) The diffusion capacity measured as DLco is decreased in all except :
    a) Emphysema
    b) Bronchial asthma
    c) Interstitial lung disease
    d) Primary pulmonary hypertension

92) The commonest pathological variety of carcinoma lung in patients of asbestosis is :
    a) Squamous cell carcinoma
    b) Bronchoalveolar carcinoma
    c) Adenocarcinoma
    d) Large cell carcinoma

93) A 30yrs old alcoholic male has developed sudden attack of high fever, rigors, cough and foul smelling sputum of 2 weeks duration. On examination there is dullness with bronchial breathsound in right mammary area. Skiogram chest reveals single rounded opacity with no fluid level in Right mid zone. The likely diagnosis is :
    a) Infected hydatid cyst
    b) Amoebic lung abscess
    c) Bronchiectasis
    d) Nectrotizing pneumonia

94) All of the following are features of Reno vascular hypertension except :
    a) Hypokalemia
    b) Mild proteinuria
    c) Loss of cortico medullary differentiation
    d) Abdominal bruit

95) A 22yrs old male, known case of Focal glomerulosclerosis has presented to you with history of reduced urine output, rapid breathing & swelling feet for last 10days. On examination patient is mildly anaemic. Indications of doing a dialysis in the patient include all except :
    a) B urea of 150%mg
    b) Severe hyperkalemia refractory of medical therapy
    c) A pericardial rub
    d) Severe metabolic acidosis

96) Renal osteodystrophy is associated with all except :
    a) Rugger jersey spine
    b) Hypoparathyroidism
    c) Hypocalcemia
    d) Hyperphosphatemia

97) A 35yrs old male suddenly vomits 300ml of blood. On examination he is not jaundiced, abdomen is slightly distended, soft & not tender. Liver is not palpable but spleen is palpable 3cm below costal margin. There is no shifting dullness and bowel sounds are increased on auscultation. The likely diagnosis is :
    a) Acute gastric erosion
    b) Chronic duodenal ulcer
    c) Carcinoma stomach
    d) Esophageal varices

98) A child of 12 yrs of age presented with anaemia, neutropenia, osteopaenia & poor development of gonads. The likely nutrient deficiency in this child will be :
    a) Zinc
    b) Copper
    c) Proteins
    d) Selenium

99) Which of the following vaccines is not contraindicated in a pregnant female : a) German measles
    b) Measles
    c) Hepatitis B
    d) Mumps

100) All of the following may be useful in DDT poisoning except :
    a) Phenobarbitone
    b) Gastric lavage
    c) Atropine
    d) Purgatives

101) Characteristic features of a ' Standard Normal Curve' are all except :
    a) It is bell shaped
    b) The standard deviation is zero
    c) The mean, mode & median all coincide
    d) The area under the curve is 1

100) All of the following may be useful in DDT poisoning except :
    a) Phenobarbitone
    b) Gastric lavage
    c) Atropine
    d) Purgatives

101) Characteristic features of a ' Standard Normal Curve' are all except :
    a) It is bell shaped
    b) The standard deviation is zero
    c) The mean, mode & median all coincide
    d) The area under the curve is 1
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